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    July 16, 2007



    Posh scares me. She's like a mannequin dipped in bronze. There is nothing soft and feminine about her.


    lol..well ...i have heard folks refer to her as a tiny tranny.... -not that theres anything wrong with that! lol


    this is all about personal branding. MLS, the LA Galaxy, David Beckham and Posh all get significant upticks in their name equity. now, Beckham has to deliver by drawing ticket sales/merch and Posh has to pony up a reality TV show or an album or a DUI (ode to Paris) or something so they can both stay on the A list.

    having lived in LA, I know exactly what is going on here and it ain't just soccer. this 'it' couple has plenty of time to work over the US.

    sometimes I miss that lifestyle...sometimes.


    prescience is a wonderful thing. Wikipedia and Access Hollywood say Posh signed a deal for a reality show that airs tonight. so there you go.


    i watched the show..
    didnt care for it...
    HOWEVER... found a really great youtube video of ALi G interviewing the couple a few years ago...
    THAT was funny!!!
    i know how LA is...
    I just dont think all those square shaped middle states is gonna fall for it..LA will eat whatever is hot...

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