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    March 27, 2007



    You are gonna be the bestest neighbor to some lucky girl one day! Sniff sniff!


    I left bleach in my hair for ~2 hours once... more than twice the max recommended limit. It left my hair random shades of copper and brown. Oh well. I shaved my head a week later anyways.


    i just LOL'ed so loud.

    i love it. ;)


    humm..just re read post..
    No. of times i used the F-Word... 4
    boy you can tell when my blood sugar is low!! lol..

    V..but will she have a decent porn collection?????

    VVK.. 2 hours??? jeeezus on a stick!! poor baby didnt it burn!??? im surprised it grew back after that!! xoxo

    K.. aw shucks im such a sucker for folks that show love!! xoxo


    I've got think black hair... and I learned that I have a pretty tough scalp.

    Here are some pictures:

    Hmm... I haven't had my hair that long in a long time...

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