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    January 08, 2007


    Frankly, Scarlett


    Now I am grateful for #1. 24 hour concierge #2. Extra securty gates #3. living on the 14th floor!

    That is tooo scary! Take care of yourself and let me know if I need to smack down any toothless midgets. Never mess with a redhead's fabulously blonde friends!



    Oh. My. God.

    That is INSANE. Have you considered a restraining order? Though a piece of paper won't stop someone who wants to kill you, so okay, forget that. You may need to move.


    scarlet... thanks for having my back!!!..xoxo

    velvet.... well ummm so cause he has just been calling a thousand times.... this is the first time he said he was gonna come over!!!!...ugh...creepiest... all honesty..he has NEVER threatened me.. just guilty of super creepy-ness and i cant move!!!! what about "the girls next door"!!!


    I had a stalker last year. We went on one sort of date. Not even a date, really. We met just outside Teaism and he offerred to buy me a cup of tea. Why not, I thought. So we went in and had some tea. He was sweet and harmless (i thought). I gave him my number and walked home. He called me a couple times that following weekend, but I was very busy and never got around to answering. He started leaving long desperate message in which he called me "angel" and "goddess." As in "What did I do angel? Why aren't you answering me?" This was literally in one 48 hour period. Naturally I though "weirdo" and never returned his call. He started calling me from different phone numbers (work, cells, public phones) every few days and then every couple weeks for the next FIVE MONTHS. One day I got a call at my office phone from a number that I knew was his. I called the cops and filed a report. They went to his office and ordered him to stop contacting me and that was that. You should keep a log of all the times he calls and any times you see him on the street. If you can get pictures and stuff that's even better. At the very least you should call the cops and file a report. Don't play around with this kind of thing. You have no idea how quickly it can escalate...


    I had to close my office door, I was laughing so hard while reading this. Awesome! And the mental image of the JC shirt, panties and heels is...ahem...stimulating. ;) You definitely get bonus cool points, considering my last band was part JC and part ACDC. We definitely need to meet up for drinks one night. *L*

    Stay cool, darlin'.


    To the casual or first time reader (me) it sounds like this guy was really sweet and you obviously just have commitment issues. Or maybe deep down, you just don't think you're really worthy of his love. Is that it?


    calling 47 times in a half hour.. isnt sweet..
    BUT your right..i def have commitment issues..
    and we wont talk about what i deserve!! thats another post sweetie pie..

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