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    August 19, 2006


    Jeff Simmermon

    That whole "dudes-walking-streetside" aspect of chivalry has some pretty interesting roots. It doesn't have anything to do with protecting a lady from traffic splashes at all.

    Back in Europe, back before indoor plumbing, people used to just empty their chamber pots out the window. With the dude streetside, it left the lady to get the old rinse-and-set combo.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to have my blood removed to balance my bodily humours.


    damn....if i had a dollar for everytime somthing i thought was sexy turned out to just be degrading .... well ....lets just say id be blogging bout life in the keys!


    Jeff has it wrong.

    the guy walks on the outside because, in overbuilt old cities, the second floor overhangs the street. The lady walks under the overhang and is protected from the worst of it.

    And when there's no street, the gentleman belongs on the left, because his sword scabbard is on his left, and if the lady was on the left, she would likely get whacked by the scabbard. Hence "A lady on the left is no lady" as the saying goes.


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